I have traveled throughout the US, Europe the Middle-East and North Africa and am trilingual. My artistic tendencies manifested early in a time-line of continuous metamorphic mutations, spewing the different modalities of my life.

I don't see art as a fragmented, socio-economical or politico-cultural event cloisoned by geographic boundaries and systems of separation, but rather as the continuous manifestation of infinite life through the
expression of the "I" in the individual.

The whole of the artistic universe is where I dwell; not east nor west, nor north or south. I find it hard to categorize, differentiate, box, label or limit; a precarious act of self petrification. Ultimately and inexorably the final synthesis is what the work is about.

Education & Exhibitions                                                                                                                                   

GCGS - The Genigraphics Computer Graphics System - 1988-1989
MFA (Master of Fine Arts), SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute) - 1978
BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), CCA (California College of the Arts) - 1974

• Active in digital art, design and technology (1995- present)
• Character Artist, The Walt Disney Company, Orlando, FL. (1993-1995)
• Character Artist, The Walt Disney Company. New York, N.Y. (1989-1993)
• Group exhibit, paintings, Museum of Modern Art, Anchorage, Ak (1985)
• PBS group exhibit broadcast auction, lithographs, The Atrium, Anchorage, Ak (1985)
• Group exhibit, pastel drawings, Stonington Gallery, Anchorage, Ak (1985)
• Group exhibit, lithographs, The Exxon Atrium, Anchorage, Ak (1985)
• Group exhibit, lithographs & paintings, the Visual Arts Center, Anchorage, Ak (1985)
• Solo exhibit, watercolors, Huong Fine Arts Gallery, Anchorage, AK (1984)
• Group exhibit, paintings, Alaska Visual Arts Center, Anchorage, Ak (1984)
• Juried group exhibit, paintings, Anchorage Museum of Art, Anchorage, Ak (1984)
• Solo exhibit, watercolors, The Unitarian Center, San Francisco, CA (1982)
• Richmond Juried Art Exhibit, watercolors, Richmond , CA (1982)
• Solo exhibit, gouaches, Vence, France (1981)
• Solo exhibit, paintings & watercolors, Stairway Gallery, Oakland, CA (1980)
• Group exhibit, paintings, Diego Rivera Gallery - San Francisco Art Institute, CA (1978)
• Three-man exhibit, paintings & sculptures, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA (1976)


San Francisco Art Institute, Assistantship Grant in Painting with Tom Holland (1976 - 1978)
Alaska Visual Arts Center, Anchorage, Watercolor Workshop, Ak (1984 - 1986)
Gwinnett Center For the Arts, Watercolor Workshop & Painting, Gwinnett, GA (1995 - 1997)